Indicted USF Student has Terror Past in Egypt

Two Egyptian students enrolled at the University of South Florida have been indicted for carrying explosive materials across states lines. One of the defendants also is charged with teaching the other how to use them for violent reasons.

School to provide Muslim students with foot baths


By Andrea Billups
DEARBORN, Mich. — Plans to construct two foot-washing stations continue at the University of Michigan at Dearborn amid concerns that such action would constitute an establishment of religion by the public university.

Thai PM says peace talks fruitless in Muslim south 

BANGKOK (AFP) - Thai Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont said Wednesday that separatists fighting in Muslim-majority provinces have refused to take up his offer to launch peace talks.

Muslim charity trial may shed new light on terror aid

Evidence against Dallas group may link other U.S. organizations to financing for Hamas

DALLAS — Prosecutors have produced scores of documents, audio and videotapes, and intercepted phone calls in their attempt to prove that a Muslim charity based in a suburban Dallas office park was actually a fundraising arm of Middle Eastern terrorists.

Dr arrested for suspected links with Al-Qaeda movement


CHAKANDRA: Security agencies in a raid at the residence of the house of prominent doctor here have recovered 6 suicide jackets and explosive materials.

Security agencies early Monday morning raided the house of child specialist Dr Mohammad Rasool and arrested him along with his wife and son and recovered 6 suicide jackets and explosive materials from his house.

THE ISLAMIST, Book Review by Amir Taheri  

During the past six months, more than 300 Muslims have been arrested in five European countries, and charged with involvement with terrorism. Most are young, often aged between 16 and 30. Almost all were born in Europe and hold the nationality of the European country in which they were plotting terrorist operations. European intelligence services claim that large numbers of young Muslims may have already stepped into the antechamber of terror. In Britain alone, the number of young Muslims suspected of flirting with terror is put at over 4000.

Two Christian girls of 11 and 16 kidnapped, converted to Islam and forced to marry
by Qaiser Felix
Faisalabad (AsiaNews)

Two Christian girls, little more than children, were kidnapped from their families recently, forcibly converted to Islam and then married off to strangers.  Both of the kidnaps took place in Faisalabad, the third largest city in Pakistan, and both were completely ignored by the police.  The phenomenon is not a new one however, underlined numerous human rights activist, but it is dangerously on the increase.

Newly translated writings of the al Qaeda leadership
by Bruce Thornton
Private Papers

The Al Qaeda Reader, ed. Raymond Ibrahim, Introduction by Victor Davis Hanson, Doubleday.

Given that war, as both Sun Tzu and Mohammed preached, is deception, it behooves us to understand accurately the enemy’s motivations and not be fooled by his deceiving propaganda. Yet in the current war against Islamic jihad, the West has stubbornly refused to take seriously what the jihadists tell us, believing instead what Thucydides called the “pretexts” with which an enemy rationalizes his aggression.

Saudi Youth Enter Rehab to Overcome Their Terrorist Ways


WASHINGTON —  A new program in Saudi Arabia is offering young terrorists rehabilitation from a life of violence in the name of jihad. A Saudi government-sanctioned program to try to reverse the terrorist way of thinking has already begun to help some participants who have survived their own crimes.

Scores of Pak soldiers desert forces as"Fighting Taleban not Islamic"

India Times 

ISLAMABAD: Scores of Pakistani soldiers have deserted the security forces deployed in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, mainly because they were not sure whether fighting against their 'own people' was morally right, media reports said on Saturday.

Boy Confesses to Assaulting Ex-Muslim Jami

NIS News  

THE HAGUE, 25/08/07 - A 17 year old boy on Friday confessed to assaulting Ehsan Jami.

The teenager from Leidschendam stated to an investigating judge that he beat and kicked Jami on 4 August.

Mosul Christians in dire danger

MOSUL, Iraq -- They have been threatened because of their religious faith, their distinctive clothing and their success in business. They have been killed because of a Danish cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammad.

Western-style barbers get the chop in Iran


Police in Tehran have closed two dozen barber shops and hairdressers in a fortnight in the latest phase of a "morals" crackdown aimed at enforcing Islamic dress codes among young Iranians.

Muslim students trained in terror in Capital of Scotland


A STUDENT facing terrorism charges spoke of attending “training groups” in Edinburgh, a court heard today.

Mohammed Atif Siddique, 21, also told a fellow student how he wanted to be a suicide bomber, blow up Glasgow and that he had met Osama bin Laden.

Muslims want ban on Easter eggs in Belgium


ANTWERP – "If headscarves are banned for employees who work at the desk at city services in order to guarantee neutrality of services, then we demand that no Christmas trees be set up in city buildings and that no Easter eggs be given out." Antwerp trade union representative Badia Miri said this on Wednesday in the Gazet van Antwerpen.


Villagers and foreigners haul newly baptized Christians to mosque and threaten them.

DHAKA, Bangladesh, August 21 (Compass Direct News) – Local Muslims in Nilphamari district and Islamist missionaries from abroad are hauling recently converted Christians to mosques and forcing them to return to Islam, area sources said.

Uniting to Exclude Saudi Arabian Airlines

by Daniel Pipes
New York Sun

Saudi Arabian Airlines (known as Saudia) declares on its English-language website that the kingdom bans "Bibles, crucifixes, statues, carvings, items with religious symbols such as the Star of David." Until the Saudi government changes this detestable policy, its airline should be disallowed from flying into Western airports.

Lawyers sue against the application of the right to apostasy by Hijazi 

 المصريون  : بتاريخ 19 - 8 - 2007     Translation by Google

Lawyer Yusuf Rajab has filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court against Prime Minister,

Online Islamist Forum Hosted in Texas Posts Guide for Kidnapping Americans 

The popular Islamist-jihadist forum, hosted by RealWebHost in Texas, U.S., recently posted an anonymously written document from 2003 titled "The Excellent Summary of the Rules of the Art of Kidnapping Americans." The 60-page guide describes each stage of the kidnapping, explaining how to select the target and then how to follow him, seize him, transport him to a safe location, and hold him there, as well as how to conduct negotiations. The guide also explains how to execute the hostage should negotiations fail.

Muslim Brotherhood Phonebook Confirms that MAS is Brotherhood's Baby

By The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)

As the terror-support trial of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) continued today, FBI agent Lara Burns testified that a phonebook found at the home of Ismail Elbarrasse - un-indicted co-conspirator and former assistant to HAMAS leader

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