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For Immediate Release

26th September 2008  


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Application of Islamic Sharia by court in Egypt forces Islam on Christian woman and separtes a mother from her 13 years old twin sons.


On the 23rd September 2008 The Shobra El-Khema criminal Court, Egypt sentenced Mrs. Bahia Nagy El-Sisi case number 14223 year 1996 to maximum sentence of 3 years imprisonment for “forgery of official document”. The fact is Bahia refused to follow her late father conversion to Islam which took place for a short period during her childhood before his return to Christianity ,and refused to become Muslim in her ID card.


Bahia comes from a small village in Meet Ghamr town, Egypt. Her father Nagi El-Sisi converted to Islam for a short period in 1962 when she was 3 years old. Her father deserted the house for a short period, may be a year or two then returned confirming that he returned back to Christianity and continued family life with his wife and children till he died in early nineties.

According to Islamic Sharia, when a person converts to Islam, his minor children become Muslims and brought up as such. A convert also gain their custody of his children too if the mother does not follow, in this case, Bahia according to Islamic Sharia law, because of her father’s conversion, she has to convert to Islam, an Islamic Sharia principle which seriously undermines the principles of international declarations, treaties and covenants which holds the Freedom of Religion as basic tenant and elemental Human Right.

The second court verdict which made that day a black day for justice and the Freedom of Religion for the Christians in Egypt is the separation of the two minors Andrew and Mario both 13y from their mother Mrs. Camilia Gaballah following their father Medhat Ramses Labib convertion to Islam.

As mentioned earlier, and according to Islamic Sharia, which stipulates that the child will follow the parent with the “better religion” which in the eyes of Egypt judiciary is Islam. In spite of both Mario and Andrew declared that they were raised as Christians and pleaded to remain so. Unfortunately both had to be separated from their mother as the judge awarded the custody to the Muslim father in accordance with Islamic Sharia to be raised as Muslims.

The Egyptian Constitution stipulates in its first article after 2007 amendments that citizenship is the foundation of the Egyptian society, also article 40 stipulates that All citizens are equal before the law without discrimination between them due to race, ethnic origin, language, religion or creed. The Egyptian government claims to be a civil modern state not a theocratic state.

The United Copts of Great Britain condemns the biased court ruling and ask the Egyptian government and its agencies including the Egyptian judiciary to show justice and respect for Human Rights of the Christian population of Egypt and to do it’s best to fight infiltration of the government agencies by Radical Islamists and to bear in mind its duty and responsibility to treat all its citizens equally.