Muslim veil breaches ‘norms of decency’: Anglican archbishop


Daily Times 

LONDON: The second-highest figure in the Church of England waded into the row over Muslim veils, saying they did not conform to “norms of decency” in Britain, in a newspaper interview published on Monday. Doctor John Sentamu, the archbishop of York, questioned whether Muslim women should expect public acceptance for wearing the veil in Britain.

He told the Daily Mail, “Muslim scholars would say three things. First, does it conform to norms of decency? Secondly, does it render you more secure? And thirdly, what kind of Islam are you projecting by wearing it?

I think – in the British context – it renders you less secure because you stick out and it brings unwelcome attention.

On the first question (of whether the veil conforms to norms of decency) I don’t think it does conform.”

The Ugandan-born 57-year-old archbishop said he removed his cross when visiting a mosque or a synagogue and covered his head in Sikh temples “because I am going into someone else’s home”.

“I can’t simply say: ’Take me as I am, whether you like it or not’. I think the thing is in British society you can wear what you want, but you can’t expect British society to be reconfigured around you. No minority can expect to impose this on the public or civic life.

” Meanwhile an immigration tribunal, which was adjourned when a legal adviser refused to remove her veil after the judge said he could not hear her clearly, was set to resume on Monday

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