Egyptian Actress Taunted for Wearing Hijab         

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The latest allegations made by young Egyptian actress Hannan Turk against prominent actress Yusra has caused criticism to surface. Hannan, who had recently wore the Islamic headdress Hijab, stated that Yusra had repeatedly attempted to convince her to remove the Hijab.hannan  

During a televised interview with Hannan on the Dubai satellite television channel, Hannan staid that Yusra indirectly requested her to stop wearing it.

Yusra told Hannan’s husband, businessman Khaled Khatab, to talk to his wife and try and persuade her to take off the Hijab because it will have a negative impact on her acting career. 

Khaled did not make any comments regarding his wife’s decision and simply said that the matter is up to her. Turk has denied rumors that she intends to stop wearing a Hijab.  She expressed her anger over the rumors, describing them as ‘lies.

 Hannan said that throughout her life she has learned the most important thing is her devotion to religion and to God, and since she made the decision to wear a Hijab she has been repeatedly attacked by rumors.

People have even tried to persuade her to change her mind, added Hannan. “My devotion to God and my beliefs give me the strength to continue in the path I have chosen,” said Hannan. 

Other rumors claim that Hannan was forced to remove her Hijab in order to shoot the remaining scenes of her upcoming film. Hannan said she is not concerned with the rumors surrounding her Hijab, asserting that there is nothing that would make her remove it in public. 

Despite the fact that many consider Hannan to be of strong character and to be a proponent of personal freedom, critics think her new appearance in a Hijab may be an effort to influence the movie making industry by coloring it with Islamic principals.   

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