Message from convert daughter Dina Maher El-Gohari to President Obama
رسالة دينا ماهر الجوهرى إلى الرئيس باراك أوباما, حياتنا مهددة فى مصر



My name is Dina Maher El-Gohari; I want to send a message to president Obama to tell him: Mr President Obama, we are a minority in    Egypt. We are treated badly. You said that the Muslim minority in America are treated equally with other citizens, so why we are not treated as such?


I would like you to tell the Egyptian government to treat us as equal citizens or your government treat their Muslim minority as Christians are treated in Egypt.





We are imprisoned in our own house because Emams called for our murder as apostates, we are afraid to venture out, we hiding in doors in fear.


I am 15 years old; I still hope that this message will reach you Mr President.


Christ peace with you all.


Dina the daughter of convert Maher El-Gohari


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