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Alkalema Organization for Human Rights, Egypt, condemns, without any conservation, the brutal criminal attack that targeted,” the lady savior”, in el-Karrada district, Baghdad, Iraq, causing the death of 58 and injured and wounded were more than 75 Christians. This attack was executed by al-Qaeida branch in Iraq that includes Egyptians members. The terrorist sinful group justified the attack as a response to what is so called the detention of the Muslim sisters in the churches and the monasteries of Egypt.

The Organization, with deep sorrow, to say that these phrases used by this terrorist group branch of al-Qaieda gave a chance for the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt48 hours warning, after which the attack on the church in Iraq took place, the phrases are the same as formerly used by the Salafi groups in Egypt that demonstrated against the Church and its symbol for more than 12 times.

The thing that amazes us and drives us to protest against this is the Egyptian security that took no measures against these terrorist threats.  Al-kalema Organization asks the international community to form a committee to investigate the massacre and to present those killers and their supporters to the international criminal court as the crime committed against the Christians of Iraq is a crime against humanity. .

The organization give due respect and praise to the role played by Egypt, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that hastily condemned the crime and refuse the name of Egypt to be mentioned in such crimes,. 

we call upon the Egyptian security to show vigilance  to protect the Copts of Egypt after the threats released by al-Qaieda specially as the Salafi groups in Egypt that demonstrates against the Church and its symbol adopts the same thoughts and ideologies.    

Mamdouh Nakhla,

Chairman of al-Kalema Organization for Human Rights.

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