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Media Release

Islamic Extremist Elected as Egyptian President

26th June 2012


The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party, along with his Parliamentary team and Management Committee, are extremely concerned with developments in Egypt overnight, where the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohamad Morsi, narrowly defeated his opponent in the run-off vote to the Egyptian Presidency.

The ascendency of the Muslim Brotherhood has even shocked some liberal Muslims who are concerned about the implementation of the repressive Islamic Sharia Law in a nation that up until recent times was known for its moderate culture.

The Rev Fred Nile is aware of widespread fear and anxiety amongst Australia's estimated 80,000 Coptic Christians who were already subject to an escalation of violence and persecution even prior to the Muslim Brotherhood's ascendancy.

We call upon the Federal Government, under PM Julia Gillard's leadership, to implement the Motion that was passed in Federal Parliament on 13/10/2011 concerning the persecution of Egypt's Christian community.

The Christian Democratic Party moved a similar Motion in the legislative council of NSW Parliament on 14/10/2011 asking the Australian Government to act immediately. Both Motions were agreed to by all side of politics. The situation in Egypt has deteriorated significantly since these two Motions were passed and there are concerning reports of Copts being forcibly removed their homes in Alexandria and Christians being unjustly sentenced to life in prison.

We also take this opportunity to call upon the immigration minister, the Hon Chris Bowen, to ensure that an appropriate allocation of Humanitarian offshore visas are allocated to Copts and for him to remember that Coptic Christians are surrounded by nations that are hostile to Christians and non-Muslims on all sides of the Egyptian border. We request that the Immigration Minister considers allowing Australian Coptic families the opportunity to assist their vulnerable families back home to immigrate to Australia.







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