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Immediate Press Release

Two Coptic Children Accused of 'Insulting Islam' Released Pending Investigation  

The Coptic Organisations in the UK strongly condemn the irresponsible, threatening and intimidating action of the Egyptian Security forces and the judiciary in arresting and putting on trial 2 children under 10 who have been accused of defaming the Quoran.

The children who have been found to be illiterate have just been released pending a full trial.

This is just another clear example of terrorising Coptic families and their children, state collusion in persecuting Christians and abuse of the role of law and a clear miscarriage of justice on Coptic Christians in direct violation of “The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” which Egypt is signatory country.

We ask the international community to take action and demand the immediate dismissal of this trial based on the illiteracy of the children and the malice nature of the accusation.

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