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On 03/07/2013 The Egyptian people’s will prevailed. They crossed the sea of hatred, ignorance, discrimination and terrorism to emerge at the shores of freedom. Egypt’s tyrant who admittedly started as an elected president; has demonstrated incomparable incompetence, and was also reckless with the national security of the country. He had to be defeated. The people were victorious in their demand to bring down a new dictator. As the Egyptians recommenced their glorious revolution from the Tahrir square, its noble birth place, the army stepped in to protect the country against Morsi’s anti-democratic thugs.

As the news emerged that tens of millions of Egyptians walked out all over the streets of Egypt demanding a complete democracy not just a hollow exercise  of the ballot boxes; many remembered those who were killed unlawfully under Morsi, and the impunity given to the extremists who murdered innocent Egyptians. For example the murder of seven Christians in Al-AlKhusus village and the four Shiites in Giza are a small proof of  Morsi's regieme complicity with against the opposition and minorities.  The total acquisition of political power by MB members was against the proclaimed aims of the revolution. The intimidation of the media through sieges, incitement and court cases and the 100s of torture cases at the hands of the MB and security forces loyal to Morsi; all demonstrated the dictatorial nature of their rein. The persecution and marginalisation of ethnic minorities and immigrants were all too obvious in the constitution which they hurriedly put together with exclusion of the representatives of the various groups of the society. It broke the UN human declaration in several sections and consolidated religious discrimination against the minorities. 



We rejoiced and wanted the world to join in celebrating with us a new truly democratic Egypt. However we were dismayed by the persistent and unfair brandishing of the revolution as a military coup by western media and politicians. The military only acceded to the demands of the Egyptian masses for a change. Their main aim was to prevent a massive confrontation and bloodshed. They gathered representatives of all the political spectrum including MB - who refused to attend - and  prepared a roadmap to a true democracy demanded by the will of the people. It is total misrepresentation of the facts to call what happened as a military coup when the new interim president is a judge; the head of the constitutional court, and he is already working on forming a civilian government. We completely reject any attempts by MB agents and their allies of withdrawing popular legitimacy from the people’s choice, the revolution.



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