Bishoy Armia Bolis (Formerly Mohammed Ahmed Hegazy) solicitor's face official obstruction in lodging an appeal

Bishoy Armia Boulous

Bishoy Armia Bolis (Formerly Mohammed Ahmed Hegazy solicitor, Mr Akram Gobrial is facing obstruction and intransigence from minor figure in the Egypt Legal system which will result in failure to take the case against Bishoy to the cassation court.

So far the lawyer travelled 4 times to Minya governorate to obtain the court ruling against the 1 year sentence for Bishoy alleged " activities which harm public interest, spreading false rumours, and possessing a camera" which working as correspondent for Tarek TV channel.

The legal system in Egypt is sound at the high level but such obstruction from minor figures in the system, such as court clerks would hinder justice. We ask the Attorney General to stop events which make mockery of justice system and reflects badly on Egypt's image.

United Copts