Bishoy Armia (previously known as Mohammed Hegazy) is being tourtured in prison

A phone call to Bishoy Armia (previously known as Mohammed Hegazy) Karam Gobrial Bishoy lawyer revealed that Bishoy is being maltreated and tortured in prison.

Bishoy, the first Muslim convert to Christianity 10 years ago was arrested on 2nd September 2013, on variety of trumped up charges such as publishing false news' and covering news items without license charges which he was acquitted from but condemned to one year in prison on  ‘holding activity that would harm the public interests of the country’ ! without specifying what was the activity. He has already just spent the prison term however he remain imprisoned in high security prison Torra.

Recently a new middle rank policeman has been appointed in prison, his name is Ahmed Fawzy, his main task is to torture Mohamed Hegazy, not with sharp instruments but by slaps and punches, kicks and cold water.  Also Mohammed is tortured by verbal abuse and cursing of his Christian faith. 

Mohamed Hegazy is denied a Bible also his glasses were broken since he was in Minya prison and has not been replaced.

Today, Karam Gobrial launched a complaint to the Egyptian Attorney General complaining of the unlawful treatment and asking for Bishoy release.

We ask President El-Sissie to intervened to stop the infiltration Salafis in the prison service and apply the Egyptian Constitution standards of Freedom of Religion and stopping torture.

 Copy of Karam Gobrial complaint to the Egyptian Attorney General. 


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