First Egyptian Canadian Conference 2016

Egyptian Canadian Annual Gala Dinner 2016

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Thanks for everyone who attended our First Egyptian Canadian Conference and Egyptian Canadian Annual Gala Dinner 2016. It was a great conference and Gala evening. Guests were so happy to meet with the huge number of community members who attended. 

Special thanks to Canada Prime Minister Hon. Justin Trudeau for his kind letter and encouraging words. Thanks for Hon. MP Rona Ambrose, the Interim Leader of Conservative Party of Canada, and the official opposition’s leader for her inspiring video message. 
Thanks for Mr. Ron Star, John Kovac Councillor of Mississauga City, Former MP Mr. Bob Dechert aAsphandiar Wadiwalla who booked time in their busy schedule to join the Conference and the Egyptian community in their first Gala night. 
Thanks go to our guests, Hon. Egyptian Ambassador Moataz Zahran and his respected wife Mrs. Hala who came all the way from Ottawa to join us. 
Thanks for the incredible writer and journalist Mrs. Fatima Naoot who captured the hearts of all the audience with her energetic and inspiring words. 
Thanks for The Journalist and Media icon Mr. Saied Shoaaib. Special thanks for Mrs. Islam Azzam the Journalist and representative of Al-Ahram newspaper of Egypt who came especially to attend and contribute to the conference. 
Special thanks for Dr. Rafaat Guindy and Medhat Eweeda from Al-Ahram Canada who supported and contributed to the conference.
Thanks to all the organizations who came and sent their representatives over sea to be in the conference. Mr. Medhat Klada the president of Middle East Human Rights and The United Coptic’s of Europe, Mr. Ashraf Fahim General Secretary of The international Commission of the United Nations Friends and the representative of Dutch Coptic Association, Mr.Maher Youssef, the president of Coptic Association of Sweden, Mr. Shetawi Shehata and Mr. Sameh Sami from The Coptic Association of Sweden, the Journalist Gamal Gerges from Youm7 of Egypt, Mrs. Heidi Saad - Coptic Sat TV from California. 
Also thanks go to all the different Arab and Egyptian Canadian Organizations who made our dinner memorable with their attendance. Dr. Maher Rizkalla, Canadian Coptic Association, Mrs. Safaa Abdel Nasser, representing of The Nile Club, Mr. Ziad Malawi , President of Arab Jordanian Society, Mr. Rashad Saleh, President of Palestine Arab Association, Rosemary Yachouh, President of Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union (ACSSU), Mr. Tony Mattaa, President of Syrian Social Club, Mr. Ibrahim Haron, Assyrian Democratic Movement and Mrs. Samantha Angel President of Western GTA Summit. 
Thanks for our guests who could not make it and tele-conferenced, Mr.Bahaa Ramzy, The President of Dutch Coptic Association, Dr. Ibrahim Habib The President of The Coptic Association of England and Mr. Hosny Bebawy, The President of The Coptic Association of Austria.
Thanks to many of the Egyptians distinguished Community Leaders who joined us in our event, Mr. Emad Adly Barsoum General Secretary of The Meadowvale Residents Association, Mr. Magdy Mounir Youssef, Mr. Wassem Botros, and Mr. Walid Hilaaly. Mr. Nabil Nassar and Mrs. Khawla Taha, Palestinean community leaders. Thanks for Mr. Peter Bhatti from International Christian Voice. 
Thanks for Mr. Arshad Mahmood, Mr. Tahir Aslam Gora, Mr. Imran Mian, Mr. Fasih Syed, Mr. Moezzam Alvi, and Mr. Irfan Malik from Pakistani community. Ms. Amani Najar from Iraqi community.
We would like also to thank the Media channels and Newspapers who supported us by their attendance and media coverage “Al-Ahram El-Gedeed”, El Raai news, Media in Tornto, El Watan, El Ayaam, Sakher Sabeel, Mersal, Snapd - Northern Mississauga, Coptic Sat TV Channel and Youm6 Talk Show.
Special thanks and gratitude to our volunteers, supporters, sponsors, and organization members, who made their best to made our event a success. You are our real win and with you we will grow.

Sheref Sabawy's photo.
Sheref Sabawy's photo.
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