The History of the Muslim Brotherhood تاريخ الإخوان المسلمين

ADM Lyons, "Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated every government agency in USA

Canadian Sheikh to Egyptian Christians: If You Don't Turn the Other Cheeck, the Fire Will Burn You. Also claims that General El Sisi is from a Jewish mother


كلمة د حازم الرفاعي فى احتفال اللجنة المصرية بلندن بذكرى انتصارات أكتوبر المجيد 2013



المصريون فى لندن يحتفلوا ب 6 اكتوبر وبجوارهم مظاهرة الاخوان


The European Union for Coptic Organisations goes to European Parliament to support the revolution

Muslim Brotherhood is terrorist organisation
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Egypt: Morsi supporters burn churches

On the day of evacuation of the site in of Morsi supporters in Rabe'aa El-Adawia Cairo, on 14 August, Muslim Brotherhood supporters burned to the ground 37 churches, partially damaged 22 churches, 7 Coptic schools, orphanages and Bible store, 970 Christian homes, 37 chemists, 176 shop, 3 hotels, 75 bus and cars owned by Christians, and at least 7 Copts were killed and their corps dragged in the streets, a co-ordinated staged attack only criminal organisation is capable of.

BBC News nights the first foreign News to enter Delga
after the clearing the terrorists
تقرير ال بى بى سى  من دلجا بعد تطهيرها من الارهابيين
News Night Delga
Link from youtube

 The first women only terrorist group to fight the Egyptian army and general El-sisi

إعلان اول جبهة جهادية نسائية في المنيا  لمحاربة الجيش والسيسي


Terrorism Knows No Religion or Homeland

"رئيــس وكالــة المخابــرات الأمريكيــة CIA السابــق "جيمــس وولســييعلــن فــي 2006 : سنصنــع لهــم إسلامــاً يناسبنــا ، ثــم نجعلهــم يقومــون بالثــورات ،ثــم يتــم انقسامهــم علــى بعــض لنعــرات تعصبيــة . ومــن بعدهــا قادمــون للزحــف وســوف ننتصــر


Bachmann, Steve King and Louie Gohmert,



Muslim mob attacking Christian church, taking down cross in Egypt 

From MCN News


Did John Kerry Orchestrate The Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria?


Documentation of Muslim Brotherhood is Terrorist organisation



Egyptians living in the United Kingdom show their support for al-Sisi



Judge Jeanine Pirro rips Obama for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood

Pallywood training in Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood "protesters" pose for the cameras

 It shows a Muslim Brotherhood "demonstration" in Egypt that was specifically staged to get the most dramatic poses, as the actors freeze their poses for the photographers. Injuries and even bloodstains are faked.

            ,Qatrai money fuels the Muslim Brotherhood trouble in Egypt

  The Big Plan to turn Egypt to Syrian scenario.

أسرار تذاع لأول مرة دفعت اللواء السيسي لحث الشعب للنزول إلي الشارع من جديد!

 اسماء من تلقى اموال من قطر والمبالغ الضخمة وامضاءآت المستلمين

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