Egyptian police stops arms from reaching Muslim Brothers in Rabea protest

الشرطه تمنع دخول ترسانه اسلحه وصواريخ في سياره نقل كانت ذاهبه الي رابعه العدويه


فيديو كليب اوبريت تسلم الايادى اهداء للجيش المصرى


سؤال جرئ 318 الإسلام السياسي : هل هي بداية النهاية ؟


Morsi suporters turn violent kill opponenet by threwing them off the roof


Morsi supporters belt a child with stone

and threw him off the roof of Sidi Gaber train station


Morsi supporters killed by "friendly Fire" then accuse the Egyptian army



مظاهرة حاشدة للمصريين فى لندن ضد مرسى والاخوان-- 30-6-2013 




د. حازم الرفاعى لمظاهرة 30 يونيو فى لندن

مش عايزين مرسى ولا نقبل زيارته للندن

جموع المتظاهرين: مش عايزينه..مش عايزينه



Egyptian in UK protest Morsi

And ask for his abdication

المصريون فى لندن يتظاهرون امام المصرية

ويطالبون بسقوط مرسى


London Demo 30 June
Double click to watch video



تفاصيل لقاء عصام الحداد واقباط المهجر والتيار الثوري ببريطانيا



MUST WATCH: Judge Jeanine’s EPIC smackdown on the mother of the Boston jihadi bombers

You definitely want to watch this one all the way to the end. Judge Jeanine doesn’t leave anyone guessing as to how she feels about statements that have been made by the mother of the Boston jihadid bombers:



البرلمان الاوربى يرفض التعامل معا نظام مرسى والاخوان


Fox News broadcast the video which shows Islamic fanatic Egyptian police


attack the cathedral and mourners.


  The attack was followed by President aid Esam Haddad
statement with blatant lies blamed Christians for violence
christians in egypt under attack


New Nazi regime, Muslim brotherhood


The Fascist Muslim Brotherhood



Egyptians in London, Christians and Muslims protesting the fascist Egyptian government.

Egyptian government threaten, intimidate and murder opposition journalists, judges, women and minorities.

and totally fail to prosecute the Islamists perpetrators of violence against the peaceful opposition with the knowledge of the West.

Message to UK. Stop supporting the new Nazi regime in Egypt



مقاطع فيديو الهجوم على الكاتدرائية التي عرضت في مجلس الشورى ردا على اتهام الداخلية للاقباط

Video clips exposes Egyptian police collaboration with Islamist thugs in the attack on Cathederal



تقرير مشاركة الهيئة القبطية فى مؤتمر بون العالمى لحقوق الانسان 2013-2014

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