Egyptian Says He Was Tortured After Being Kidnapped in Milan

NY Times 

ROME, Nov. 10 — A militant Egyptian cleric who prosecutors say was kidnapped by the Central Intelligence Agency said in a newly published account that he was tortured with electric shocks while he lay on a wet mattress in a Cairo prison and was repeatedly beaten and forced to eat rotten bread in a pitch-black cell, while rats and cockroaches ran over his body. 


The Sami Al-Arian Case, Al-Arian attorney charges bias


Source St Petersburg Times 

He says a U.S. prosecutor openly condemned Islam and is aiming to stretch his client's sentence. 


Documents unsealed in the Sami Al-Arian case Thursday raise questions about an assistant U.S. attorney's motives for requiring Al-Arian to testify before a federal grand jury in Virginia.

Britain facing 30 terrorism plots, says spy chief

LONDON (Reuters) -

Muslim extremists are plotting at least 30 major terrorist attacks in Britain and the threats may involve chemical and nuclear devices, the head of Britain's domestic spy agency said.



Cairo, 10 Nov. (AKI) -

An administrative court in Egypt has ruled that wearing the niqab - the eyes-only veil at the centre of heated debate in recent days - "is part of human rights" and "no one can forbid a woman from wearing it.

MI5 tracking '30 UK terror plots' Head of MI5 says

 Source BBC 

Eliza Manningham-Buller rarely speaks in public MI5 knows of 30 terror plots threatening the UK and is keeping 1,600 individuals under surveillance, the security service's head has said.

Terror Finance Expert Exposes New Information about Tariq Ramadan’s Links to Terrorism

Press Release Newswire


Jean-Charles Brisard of the Terror Finance Blog has uncovered new evidence of Tariq Ramadan’s links to terrorist entities. These findings provide the United States government with sufficient evidence to appeal a court order allowing Ramadan to enter the U.S.  

Muslim Trio jailed for Kriss race murder in UK 


Source BBC

 Three men have been jailed for life after they were found guilty of the racially-motivated murder of white Glasgow teenager Kriss Donald.

Faisal Mushtaq, 27, Zeeshan Shahid, 28, and his brother Imran Shahid, 29, had denied murdering Kriss, 15, in 2004.


A Muslim convert planned to detonate a dirty bomb and launch an attack on London's Tube, a court has heard.

 Source BBC


Former Hindu Dhiren Barot, 34, from London, planned "massive explosions" in a synchronised attack in the US and UK.


Grandmother to sue mufti over rape comment

Source World News

A MELBOURNE grandmother has accused Muslim cleric Sheik Taj el-Din el-Hilaly of inciting racial hatred and of sexual discrimination.

Muslim 'wanted new 9/11' in All Over Europe

rahmanSource The Sun
A MUSLIM accused of inciting murder during a protest wanted a new 9/11 across
Europe, a court heard yesterday.

Muslims arrested in Old Bailey demo

Source Daily Telegraph

Four Muslims were arrested outside the Old Bailey yesterday during angry protests against the trial of a man allegedly involved in protests against Danish cartoons.

From Speaking His Mind To Expulsion From Al Azhar:

 Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman’s New Dilemma

October 30th, 2006

Source Ahmed Salib Blog

Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman has had a tough time of it.

Christian groups accuse BBC drama of inciting anti-Christian bias (Should Copts complain too)

Source Daily Mail 

The BBC are facing accusations of anti-Christian bias after a BBC drama portrayed evangelical extremists murdering Muslims.  

Original immigrants on welfare


Souces aftenposten 


Half of the first immigrants to Norway in the first half of the 1970s are now living on state payments.


Preachers of Hate Ken Timmerman profiles 'brilliant' anti-Semitic Arab leader

Editor's note: Kenneth Timmerman's new book, "Preachers of Hate," uncovers an ancient hatred that threatens the life and livelihood of every American.

In the book, Timmerman explains the "new" anti-Semitism that targets not only Jews, but Americans specifically and the West in general. The book details how Muslim leaders are not just encouraging hatred of Jews and the West, but are spending a great deal of money to spread the kind of vitriol that spawned the terrorists responsible for September 11.

Muslim Brotherhood behind Minnesota airport taxi dispute


Star Tribune  


Airport taxi flap about alcohol has deeper significance 

Airport taxi flap about alcohol has deeper significance 

The airport taxi controversy may go deeper than the quandary over whether to accommodate Somali Muslim cabdrivers who refuse to carry passengers carrying alcohol. Behind the scenes, a struggle for power and religious authority is apparently playing out.


Which veil to wear?
Egyptian women mull veil options

Source Middle East on Line
Battle lines are forming around whether to adopt somber-hued, face- covering niqab or hipper headscarf.

Cleric 'meat' remarks spark fury

Source CNN

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- One of Australia's senior-most Islamic clerics has triggered outrage after comments reported Thursday comparing women who do not wear a headscarf to "uncovered meat" who invite rape.

Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali denied he was condoning rape when he made the comments in a sermon last month, and said Australian women were free to dress as they wished.

Bin LadenThe UK government is so concerned about al-Qaeda's methods of internet propaganda

that it has commissioned a daily report.

The increasingly hi-tech extremist propaganda is aimed at radicalising young Muslims. Frank Gardner reports.


Source BBC

Bakri's son seized with £13k at airport

bakrySource AOL News

Exiled Islamic cleric Omar Bakri has insisted that £13,000 seized from his son by anti-terror police at Heathrow Airport was a gift from friends.

Speaking from his mother's home in Beirut, Lebanon, the preacher said the money was "clean" and that he expected it to be returned within weeks.

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