Is it safe to go to Egypt?


Is it safe to go to Egypt? The short answer is “yes”. If you have glanced at your country’s travel warning for Egypt, go back and read it carefully – there are no travel warnings in place for Cairo, Alexandria, Red Sea, Luxor, Aswan or Nile Cruises – in fact those areas have a green light.

Egypt is as safe as anywhere else in the world, and safer that many western countries.

Like anywhere you go in the world, be it a metropolis, a small town or even the quiet countryside, you use common sense. You should do in Egypt what you would do at home.
What NOT to do:
Don’t go looking for excitement in the middle of a big crowd, regardless of what is going on
Don’t arrive in Egypt thinking it is easy to find a hotel, a guide, or whatever. Do a bit of research in advance. You should particularly do it if looking for cheap accommodation
Don’t go walking along the Nile at night. As you can guess, it is the worst place to get hassled from vendors and the like
Don’t wander around darkened back streets. At anytime.
Don’t go off the beaten track looking for the ‘hidden Egypt’. Anything worth seeing will definitely not be hidden
What to do:
Plan your trip before you go. We compiled a FAQ and give advice on a myriad of topics on Egypt. You can find them in our Travel Guide
Book only trusted, recommended hotels, such as Mara House and do it before you leave home. This will allow you to take their advice on what to do, what not to do, where to go and where not to go
Have a lock for every bag – unpack only what is necessary anywhere. Leave all valuables in your bags if there is no room safe, then lock your bags when going out.
Get the right perspective on safety

Prior to the 2011 ‘revolution’, Egypt was one of the safest places on Earth. It still is.
In comparison to the risk of street muggings or violence in Chicago, to the risk of the continuous earthquakes in China, or even the risk of the common floods in Gt. Britain, the risk in Egypt is minimal. You are more likely to be run over crossing the street at home that to be involved in a terrorist attack in Egypt.
Group travel is an excellent option when it comes to touring Egypt
Final remarks
Forget the media. Check with people who have visited Egypt recently. Check out online sites like TripAdvisor and see what recent visitors think about their time.

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