West losing terror war by capitulating to Political Islam

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Opinions about Iraq are split. One side says ''Stay the Course!'' – what was done and is being done, despite the losses, is necessary for ''victory,'' whatever that means.

The other side says, ''End It!'' – pick a date, pull the troops out and leave everything to the Iraqis. It's assumed withdrawal would end it, whatever ''it'' is. Just what is the ''it'' we want to end? Until that question is answered honestly, we ignore the truth of the war we're really fighting. If we don't understand the conflict, we'll lose.

Each side makes it sound so simple. The truth is neither choice will result in a significant difference in the core battle that's ongoing, essentially because neither side has the courage to see and admit the real enemy: the intent of Islam, militant and otherwise, to spread across the world with its own form of religious imperialism until the entire world is Islamic, either by conversion of the people or by their domination. (Column continues below) Given today's multicultural, diversity-saturated, politically correct atmosphere, it takes more than courage to face the truth.

Case in point: Three thousand dead on 9/11 in addition to buildings and planes destroyed and the economy deeply damaged. Five years later, we still resist the reality of who carried out the plot, was involved in the planning and coordination, were happy about its ''success,'' and threatens more of the same until the Islamic flag flies over Washington. Where's our courage? Remember the first attack on the World Trade Center? Remember the USS Cole, the embassies in Africa, the Marine barracks?

There are more. Don't forget the attacks on the Madrid trains, the London subway, the Bali nightclub, the Indian trains, and the German nightclub. There are others and will be more.

We know it. They know it. And yet, in our blind naiveté, we avoid the truth. We – the free world, the West – are under continued and united attack by a group of people under the umbrella of a certain religious belief with the goal of our conversion or destruction. Some choice. And yet, our politicians and the media, with too few exceptions, lack the courage or conviction to speak the truth and prepare us for the real battle ahead. Have no doubt, the enemy is fighting, but we've barely opened our eyes to the danger, despite all our losses. It's too easy for the administration to operate as though this is a traditional war.

It isn't. It's too easy for war opponents to pretend the dispute is just about oil, and if we would just pull out and switch to solar and ethanol, there would be world peace. Both are wrong and both attitudes will kill us.

I believe President Bush is a good man with good intentions but I believe his religion gets in the way of his ability to make the tough assessments and decisions needed to protect not only this country, but the rest of the free world from the enemy we all face. I believe his Christianity tells him to be welcoming and non-judgmental. So be it, but I don't think it tells him to be blind to truth because that puts everyone in danger. I don't believe his Christianity demands that all of us be sacrificed on the altar of diversity.

His continued mantra about the ''religion of peace'' and his ongoing efforts to be welcoming to Muslims, insults the intelligence of those who see the reality of the danger from militant Islam. It's also insulting for our president and the administration to treat American citizens as children who need to be taught tolerance and acceptance when the reality of the war against us is clearly evident.

''There are none so blind as those who will not see.'' In this case, our blind leaders bring us to the abyss. It's too easy to view the battle between Islam and the West as military. The truth is more insidious. In fact, many imams have spoken openly that they'll accomplish their mission via immigration and procreation. Every country in Europe faces this and as the population grows by Muslim birth rates and immigration, Muslims demand their culture be accepted. While Europeans are beginning to chafe under the pressures, it may well be too late to stop the tide.

In England: British Airways suspends and refuses to allow a long-time employee to wear a small cross on a chain but will allow stewardesses to wear the face covering niqab. Police in Kensington refuse to allow a security camera picture of a Dubai native who robs jewelry shops to be posted, because it would ''infringe her human rights.'' A Muslim pharmacist in Thurcroft refuses on religious grounds to fill a prescription for the ''morning-after'' pill.

In Leicester, at a new Islamic School, non-Muslims will be required to wear head scarves. The 2012 London Olympics is in the midst of controversy because Muslims are angry the games will overlap with Ramadan. London's largest jail converts the Christian chapel into a mosque. The Queen establishes an Islamic prayer room in Windsor Castle. In Scotland: Three Muslims are tried in Glasgow for the torture, murder and burning of a 15-year-old boy, snatched off the street at random because he was white. In Europe: Denmark, still recovering from the Muslim cartoon riots, braces for more of the same after TV stations broadcast footage thought by some to offend Muslims.

France is jolted by more riots and car torchings by Muslim immigrants and the police say they're targets of an ''intifada'' with more than 2,500 police injured this year alone. Holland is furious about an Islamic hospital in Rotterdam with separate physicians and separate wings for males and females. It's being called ''apartheid.'' In Italy, the pope is threatened with death because in a speech concerning the importance of reason in the practice of religion, he quoted a 14th-century emperor, whose country at that time was being attacked by Muslims. Crucifixes are removed from classrooms so as not to offend. Famed journalist Oriana Fallaci, who wrote her observations about the inroads of Islam in Italy and Europe, faced trial for ''defaming Islam.

'' Threatened with death she needed 24-hour police protection. In Jerusalem: The blowing of the ceremonial ram's horn at the Western Wall during Rosh Hashanah was banned for fear of offending nearby Muslims. In Australia: A Muslim doctor stabs his wife to death when their daughter converts to Christianity.

He says his wife failed. Riots on Sydney beaches reflect growing antagonism between Australians and immigrants. A top Muslim cleric denounces the sentencing of men guilty of gang rapes, saying the women invited it because they weren't veiled and at home.

He said he would resign only ''After we clean the world of the White House first.'' He calls George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard ''the axis of evil.'' In Canada: There are attempts to establish a parallel Sharia system of law. In the United States: While there is growing Muslim immigration – upwards of 7 million – similar effects are not as visible but we see growing demands to accommodate Islam. There have been cases of adult men desiring to marry young girls – it's their culture.

In Georgia, an African immigrant circumcises his 2-year-old daughter – part of his culture. At the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Muslim taxi drivers refuse to transport fares carrying alcohol in luggage or purses. Islam forbids it. Some Muslim women have demanded to wear a full-face niqab, showing only their eyes, for their driver's licenses. A three week, public school curriculum in California, which requires children to pretend to be Muslims, take Muslim names, fast for Ramadan and memorize Islamic prayers, is allowed by the U.S. Supreme Court. New York and other schools are petitioned to provide prayer rooms for Muslim daily prayers and Ramadan fasting. The call to prayer is broadcast on loudspeakers in some Michigan towns.

The celebration of Islam in public life has increased at the same time Christian and Jewish traditions are banned or eliminated so as not to offend. Bibles are removed from hotel rooms; Easter and Christmas disappear from school celebrations. The College of William & Mary removes the cross from the campus chapel so that the space is ''less faith-specific'' and ''more welcoming'' to all. There are hundreds of such examples and accommodations, all part of the effort to spread the culture and religion of Islam.

There's a difference between emigrating to a country to become part of it and moving there to change the culture. What will it take for us to admit that? Why don't we proudly protect the culture of Western civilization and value it for what its meant to human rights, freedom and equality – the best in the history of the world?

We're in a religious war, fought on one level by passive integration through large families and massive immigration and on another level by the ancient barbarity of beheadings, torture and terrorist attacks on civilians. Did you ever imagine we would see on the news the beheading of innocent Westerners and not be outraged? As long as we pretend this is a ''civilized'' war, we're doomed. The enemy uses ancient tactics to win an ancient battle, but they also use 21st-century propaganda to cut us off at the knees – unless of course, they cut us off at the neck first.

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