Muslim demonstrator found guilty of stirring up race hate, but not inciting murder 

Source Daily Mail

 A website designer was found guilty today of stirring up race hate during a march by Muslims protesting at an anti-Islamic cartoon.  

But the jury could not agree on a second charge against Mizanur Rahman, 23, of inciting murder.  

Rahman, who had denied both charges, was remanded in custody while the prosecution decide on whether there will be a retrial.   

The jury had spent two days considering the charges, which followed arrests at a march through London in February.  

Rahman, of Palmers Green, north London, had called for the murder of British troops during the demonstration.  Some 300 people took part in the protest about a cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed which was published in European newspapers.  

The prosecution alleged he encouraged indiscriminate killing, calling for troops to be brought back from Iraq in body bags and for another 9/11 in Europe.  But Rahman's counsel, John Burton, told the jury it was not enough to be "offended, shocked and distressed" by what Rahman said.  

"It is a matter of whether a serious crime has taken place," he said.  He compared Rahman's outpourings to those of people standing on boxes at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. Have your Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday delivered to your door. To find out more click here

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