Statement of HG Bishop Michael on Recent Massacre of Coptic Christians in Egypt

We have received with great shock and grief the news of the massacre of our Coptic Christian brethren on the Eve of the Nativity Feast in Nag Hammady, Egypt.

This despicable atrocity committed against peaceful Christians who were coming out of their place of worship and were getting ready to go back home to celebrate Christmas with their families, cast a gloomy shadow on this year's celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ by Coptic Christians

in Egypt and all over the world, and caused an uproar and international waves of disdain against hatred filled violence especially against the innocent and the peaceful Coptic Christians.

 We always pray for the peace and salvation of the world. We are also taught to pray for the afflicted, even for our enemies. Yet we find it urgent that we all unite in prayers for the current situation of the Coptic Christians especially those who are facing this horrible tragedy of fear and horror in Nag Hammady, Egypt.

We have set Sunday , January 17   , 2010 to be a Day of Prayers for all churches at the Mid-South Atlantic Diocese of the United States. Special commemoration and remembrance of the Coptic martyrs of Nag Hammady along with mentioning their names in the Divine Liturgies throughout the Diocese will mark the event.

 We also will be praying for the families and the loved ones of the martyrs, as well as the Coptic Christian population in the land of Egypt.  We will also pray that God may change the hearts of those who are full of hate and that God may touch their lives and help us to love one another.

We will also pray for all Christians who are in affliction all over the world, especially those who are living under restrictions , or facing hardships merely because of their faith, that the Lord may grant them comfort and freedom of worship.

We call upon  our sister churches of all persuasions and denominations to join us on this Day of Prayers, to mention the martyrs, their families, and their loved ones, as well as Coptic Christians in Egypt and all distressed Christians around the world.

We hope and pray that Justice will be duly served through the Egyptian Judicial System.

 In Christ,

 Bishop Michael
Mid-South Atlantic United States

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