The Koran was placed for the first time in the White House library. It was a winter banquet prepared by host and hostess US President and Mrs. George W. Bush. Muslims from throughout the nation were invited—both males and females. The two genders ate in separate rooms with Mrs. Bush with the women and Mr. Bush with the men. 

As the Koran was lifted high with honor that evening, it took its place in the Pennsylvania Avenue residence of the most powerful ruler on Earth. Now when it comes to the Christians’ holy book, the Bible, it is shredded at Saudi Arabian airports.

An attendant will not ask questions but will take the book to the nearby shredder as the tourist watches God’s Word destroyed. If a quantity of Bibles is taken into the country—and found—the carrier will get several dozen whiplashes.

If the confiscator concludes that the punishment should be more severe, the tourist could be executed for carrying divine revelation into Saudi Arabia. Muslims in free countries demand—and I mean demand—all freedoms. They will not tolerate any discrimination whatsoever.

Such web sites as the Council on American-Islamic Affairs (CAIR) instruct readers what authority to contact if there is any sign of alleged discrimination or so-called mistreatment of an Islamic in the United States. Yet the American traveler to the Muslim country may be shot throw if he has a quantity of Bibles in his belongings. Executed or whip lashed.

Consider the cost. With that, it is ridiculous that free countries bow and scrape before Muslims’ demands. For instance, in Germany Muslims have demanded and got pork removed from soup kitchens for the poor. The officialdom is afraid of what Muslims will do if pork remains in the soup.

Imagine the weak-kneed authorities throughout Germany in condescending to such rude demands from the Allah-worshipers. So it is that Europe that will succumb to the Devil. And then the European Union will wonder how it came about that it was sucked under—and quickly. 

As far I am concerned, Muslims should be ousted from free countries and sent to their own habitats. No Muslim should be admitted to a free country. They are all suspect because of the spread of this devilish cult around the globe. Islam breeds destruction, despair and death. Christianity provides life, light and love in Jesus. Consider the difference. The two cannot integrate under the title of "multiculturalism."  

Everywhere the Muslims go they spread venom.  When Mr. Bush’s surveillance program was put into affect, Muslims immediately demanded meetings with top government officials in Washington DC. They got the red carpet treatment. You, the usual American citizen, try to get an appointment at one of those offices and see if you can get through.

The Muslims do get through and they do sit in those chairs in the rooms of the highest echelons. This has to stop if democracies hope to survive the devil’s strangle hold. Why was the Catholic priest shot in the back while kneeling in his Turk chapel? Because he was praying to another deity than Allah. So a Muslim murdered him while praying alone in his sanctuary. That was just days ago. 

The pope then asks Muslims for tolerance just as they expect tolerance in non-Muslims countries. Does not the pope know Islam?  There is no tolerance in Islam—none. It is Islam world rule or nothing. There is absolutely no margin for tolerance in the Koran. Instead, that unholy publication describes specifically how to gouge out the infidel eyes, lop off their ears, tongues, fingers and toes.

No tolerance. Contrast Islam with the gospel of Jesus. He offers forgiveness for repented sins, mercy and grace upon the contrite soul, the hope of heavenly bliss, the indwelling of His Holy Spirit in comfort and wisdom, and the joy of living by faith. There is nothing parallel to that in Islam. Nothing. In Saudi Arabia the haters of the Bible are called "religious police."

They are members of the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. That is how the devil reverses legitimate terms and definitions—good is bad and bad is good. Islamic vice is virtue. Islamic vice is virtue. Because of the shiria, the hellish "law and justice" system of Islam, there are no criminals within Islam. Muslims can slit a woman’s throat in "honor killing." But that is not a crime; it is a pious act. And so forth with other atrocious deeds in Allah’s name.  

That makes the Muslims worldwide the criminal-free community and the most spiritual lot on the globe. Whatever crime they commit is not a crime but a religious duty. Consequently, when Saddam Hussein stood in his court this week to ask "Where’s the crime?" he was sincere.

He has not committed one crime in his life. He has only followed the Koran and thereby is an Islamic saint. At Guantanamo Bay Muslims complained about their Koran being mistreated.

The US responded with all sorts of protocol detail in how non-Muslim personnel were to hold, handle, place and transfer the Koran. Reading the detail was a joke, but not to those personnel who had to walk the razor’s edge. Not only the Bible, but any Christian symbol is repulsive to Muslims. That’s why they burn churches.

Churches this week have been burnt to the ground throughout Pakistan. Try to build a church in Turkey. It will take a decade or more to get the blueprints approved. Once it’s constructed, the church could burn in the night.

Who will have lit the match? Yasser Arafat was known for murdering Christian believers and then leveling their sanctuaries or using the church buildings for his militia.

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