Muslim Brotherhood Set to Take Egypt’s Parliament and Impose Sharia Law

As Egypt prepares its upcoming Nov. 28 elections to build a new government, the rising power of the Muslim Brotherhood may pose great dangers to the Christians living there.

The Middle East Media Research Institute revealed in a report that the Brotherhood first said that they will not force radical Islam on the country, but the group is now focused on winning the elections and it plans to impose Sharia law.

These fears come after 25 Coptic Christians were killed last month during clashes with police and with state television inciting Muslims to rise against Christians.

It was also announced that the Brotherhood would run for the majority of seats in parliament.

The party name they will be running under is the “Freedom and Justice Party,” and they are hoping to gain control of 90 percent of individual seats and 70 percent of party-lists seats. Such a situation would give them a large level of control over the parliament, and it would allow them to effectively rule the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood plans to set its values according to Sharia law, the strict moral code of Islam, which they claim the majority of Egyptian people want to follow.

The moral code includes some rules that have been condemned by the international community, including executing those that decide not to follow Islam, and forcing raped women to be dependent on male witnesses to prove their case.

The law will also be used to “inform Egypt's priorities, goals, policies, and strategies and must form the basis of the cultural principles of both Muslims and non-Muslims,” as the Institute reports.

Christians will also be forced to follow the law, which includes “being judged according to the Muslim principles of justice and equality.”

The Brotherhood has said that non-Muslims would be allowed to practice their own faith, but Christians are worried that they will not receive enough protection from such a system.

The rise of the popularity of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is a direct consequence to the removal of ex-president Hosni Mubarak from power in February. Mubarak outlawed the Brotherhood, but after the revolution, it has gained a strong influence over the media and spread its authority in Egypt’s largest cities.

The current ruling power, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, is said to be in league with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood is so-far facing little opposition in its campaign to take control of the government and impose Sharia law, and has gained a significant victory by winning the teacher’s and doctor’s unions elections.

Stoyan Zaimov
Christian Post Contributor

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