USA Collaboration with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood


Protested In Germany



Egyptian Dr. Seti Shenouda Guendi Opposes US Alliance

with the Terrorist Group in a Letter to President Obama

Delivered Nov. 18, 2011 to the American Consulate in Düsseldorf



Mr. President Barak Hussein Obama

US Consulate

Willi-Becker-Alle 7

Düsseldorf, Germany


Millions of Egyptians are very disturbed by the recent news of secretive communications between the United States and the militant Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Organization aiming to help MB’s conspiracy to rule Egypt.



On June 30, 2011 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton disclosed the existence of such talks (the French News Agency; same date). MB spokesman Mr. Mahmoud Ghozlan immediately issued a confirmation welcoming the talks and acknowledging they had been going on for years. During that period the MB had categorically and repeatedly denied any deliberations with the US.


US Department of State spokesman Mr. Mark Toner announced on July 1, 2011 that his government would continue the secret dialogue with the MB. It had started in 2006.

Debka Intelligance Site reported on April 15, 2011 that President Obama had made a secret agreement with the MB to help it take over the governments of Egypt and other Arab countries as well.




American journalist Jeffrey T. Connor wrote in a Washington Post article on Oct. 26, 2011, that President Obama’s claim to convert the Middle East into a more liberal, democratic region was proven false by the Islamists’ recent control of the Tunisian government, and their highly expected rise to govern Libya, Egypt and Yemen.

The writer accused Obama of assisting armed Jihadists advance to seize power. Islamic radicals, said Mr. Connor, used the massive resistance against dictatorship regimes as a Troy’s Horse to expand the influence of their armed gangs.



Mr. Conner accused President Obama also of strengthening Islamic extremists in the Arab world, thus contributing to the downfall of USA and to the growing aggression of terrorists, most of whom were killing Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some were high level operatives of Al Qaeda. He predicted that the MB would win a large number of parliament seats in the then-upcoming elections in Egypt. The MB wants to bring back the Caliphate rule and make Cairo the center of a hard line Islamic authoritarianism.



MB’s foreign policy is based on hating Israel and the United States. Since the ouster of former Egyptian President Mubarak, Mr. Connor continued, fanatic Muslims had killed a score of Christian Copts and torched several of their churches. The MB considers the remaining 8 million Copts a threat. Therefore Egypt could be now on the verge of a sectarian war. Yet President Obama still ignores the persecution of the Copts.




In conclusion, Mr. Connor says, “The American administration today is acting like the emperors of Rome who failed to see the Barbarian’s danger until it was too late. President Obama’s job now is managing the descend of America. His welcoming of the Arab Spring is merely a camouflage for the bitter reality: The Islamists are coming; they are threatening freedom everywhere.” (The Egyptian daily Al-Wafd , Oct. 29, 2011 and other news agencies.)




The Washington Times editorial of July 1, 2011 criticized the Secretary of State’s announcement about the continuing talks with the MB as a “step doomed to collapse at the end,” and described the White House as “the blind who can no longer see the separatist message being spread in the Middle East.” “Mr. Obama,” according to the newspaper, “says that he wants to improve the relations with Islam and Muslims. However, he supports policies that damage Islamic ethics. His dialogue with the MB and hard line factions will definitely fail. It is better for the United States to talk with the secular groups because they are educated and unbiased; they can bring peace and progress to the Middle East…” The Washington Times faulted US pampering of Islamists saying

 “The White House would at the end destroy America’s national interests… Islamic powers will never stand by USA.”



On July 2, 2011, Egyptian newspaper Al-Masri Al-yum quoted the Washington Post in saying that the dialogue between the US and the MB had increased after the Egyptian uprise last January. Later in June, Congresswoman Ileana Roth, the chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee, emphasized that the MB was following a strategy of violence and terror.


Peculiarly, Mr. Obama’s partner, the MB, remains to this date on Russia’s list of world terrorists.




I submitted an official complaint to the Egyptian General Prosecutor on Aug. 9, 2006 (document number 11906, same date) accusing the MB and some government ministers of committing terror acts in Egypt and abroad. So far nothing was investigated and no action was taken to protect potential victims. The crimes of the MB and its associates against thousands of innocent victims of all faiths in Egypt and abroad were totally neglected as if they never happened. On the contrary, I received threats of murder and attempts to charge me of fabricated crimes.




Strangely enough, countless governments, intelligence agencies, researchers and scholars know quite well that Al Qaeda, the most infamous military wing of the MB, was established by MB leaders, notably Kamal Al-Sananiry and Abdallah Azzam, with all kinds of support from the Saudi Kingdom. It is also known that Mohamed Al-Zawahry, the current head of Al Qaeda after Osama Bin Laden, is a member of the MB. He and tens of thousands of Egyptian youth were drafted and dispatched to Afghanistan to fight with Al Qaeda, explode suicide bombs and murder innocent citizens in dozens of countries. The MB aspires to put the world ultimately under an Islamic Caliphate ruling, the same Sharia iron fist with which Arabs controlled the Middle East and numerous regions in Europe, Africa and Asia for centuries. The scheme seems to be imminently materializing after President Obama came to the top of the greatest power and collaborated with Saudi Arabia to push the MB up to seize power in Egypt.




The radical MB uses “Al-Teqeyya”, a principle they relate to Islam that approves lying, deception and slyness, to fool Egyptians and the world in believing that the MB has dismantled its militias and abandoned violence altogether. Now, the MB says it advocates freedom and human rights, and is adhering to democracy in their quest to govern Egypt. This is propaganda; a bunch of outright lies. Former President Sadat declared in his address to the Egyptian People’s Assembly on Sept.14, 1981 – 3 weeks prior to his assassination by militant Muslims – that the MB Special Force still was still active despite the MB’s many denials. Furthermore, he specified the Jihad and Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya (the Islamic Coalition) as MB militias. (Egyptian newspaper Al-Akhbar ,Sept. 15, 1981)




Later it was revealed that the terrorist “Military Tech Academy” clan, which attempted the 1974 coup against Sadat, belonged to the MB Talal Al-Ansary, the second convict in the clan’s trial, said after his release from prison that, prior to the coup attempt, its members swore the oath of martyrdom before the MB then-Grand Imam Hasan Al-Hodeiby.


A subsequent Grand Imam, Sheikh Mohamed Mahdi Akef, promised on Aug. 3, 2006 to send 10,000 highly trained and equipped fighters to join Hezb Allah (the Party of God) during the Israeli invasion of Southern Lebanon. (The French News Agency, Aug. 3, 2006, Reuter, Egyptian newspapers)




On Dec. 11, 2006, the MB publicly paraded its militants, faces masked, At Al-Azhar University, Cairo, in full view of governmental security forces and Egyptian and foreign TV cameras.




The recent cooperation and allocation of power seats between the MB, Jihad, Islamic Coalition, and the Salafi (ultra-fundamentalist) Movement are further proof to the aforementioned facts.




The MB Mufti (highest authority of Sharia), Sheikh Mohamed Abdallah Al-Khatib, issued a Fatwa (religious decree) mandating the destruction of churches inside and outside of Egypt as every Muslim’s duty. That is exactly what the MB had been largely doing in Egypt for more than 40 years. I had submitted an earlier official complaint to the Egyptian General Prosecutor (document number 1754, dated Feb, 8, 2006) to investigate and cancel the decree, which caused the torching of several Coptic churches, as an outright unconstitutional violation of human rights and religious freedom. No investigation was ever conducted. The Sheikh and the MB were never punished.




The above atrocities, in addition to court hearings and confessions of MB bosses and recruits, prove beyond doubt – except for those who want to obliterate the truth – that the MB is still deploying its various military wings, especially Al Qaeda, to execute the MB agenda of terrorizing and ultimately controlling the world.



Many political and media circles in Egypt believe that Mrs. Dalia Megahed, President Obama’s Egyptian advisor, a member of the MB, coordinates his collaboration with the terror group.




Exposing its real feeling toward the US and with whomever the MB pretends to ally, its current Grand Imam Mohamed Badie launched an attack on American and Western



Civilizations in Egyptian newspapers including Al-Yum Al-Sabee of Spt.16, 2011. He wished the “infidel” West to fail. In one of his weekly messages titled “The Lie of Islamic Terrorism”, Badie assailed the US and assured that its failure had begun and that it will eventually be demolished like the Aad people (non-Muslims destroyed by God according to the Quran). He predicted the Western civilization collapse to happen as fast as that of the recently deposed Arab dictators, and justified the 9/11 and world-wide Islamic attacks as a result of American oppression of other nations and its poor support of Palestinian rights..!!



So, if that were the case, why then did Muslim terrorists kill hundreds of thousands of peaceful Muslims and Christians in Islam-dominated Egypt, Algiers, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia? Why did the MB-linked Sudanese rulers commit a horrific genocide in Darfur: wipe out whole villages, slaughter 400,000 people -including Muslims- and rape their women and children? What incentive pushed the Hamas government in Ghaza, another wing of the MB, to torture, kill and mutilate the bodies of thousands of Muslim Palestinians after Hamas turned against the legitimate Palestinian Authority in 2007? Is it really believable that the MB militias committed those atrocities in almost all Islamic nations just because of the abysmal US policies against Arabs and Muslims and its failure to support the Palestinian cause..?!


Mr. President,



No man can partner with the devils, snakes or scorpions; they will kill him regardless of any benefits they obtained or agreements they made. It is their culture and immoral nature. This is exactly how the MB retaliated against every ally from King Farouk to Nasser, even with the “Muslim President” Sadat. Sadat released MB prisoners and enabled them to infiltrate and control the most vital aspects of Egyptian life: the army, police, intelligence, judiciary, education, media, labor and professional unions, down to sports clubs. Other political and religious entities were collectively excluded. Nevertheless, Sadat was assassinated by none other than an MB wing on October 6, 1981 – in public, in front of local and foreign TV cameras!



The same betrayal was repeated later by another MB creation, Al Qaeda, in Afghanistan. The infamous group pledged cooperation with the US in the war against Russian invasion. Upon the defeat of USSR, Al Qaeda reneged and fought the US Coalition forces with the weapons and experience previously obtained from the US, and then started a relentless war campaign of terror in America, Europe and other continents to expand Islamic influence in the world.



According to the US government, Al Qaeda terrorists who piloted the 9/11 attack planes were trained for two months on flight simulators at American aviation institutes. Fact is, one may need more than that time to practice on a real automobile, let alone a simulator, before actually driving it on the road. So how could the terrorist pilots fly huge planes, with the precision recognized by prominent experts, after merely two months of simulator only training - no real airplanes involved? An inevitable question comes to mind: Were the pilots trained thoroughly and comprehensibly for longer periods somewhere else, then came to the States and joined American flight institutes to divert attention away from the country(ies) that provided the serious training? Which country(ies) did that? Did the US administration and the CIA identify the culprit(s) then decided not to divulge the provocative information? Mr. President: Why were numerous pages of the 9/11 Fact Finding Committee report blacked out from the American people? What role did Saudi Arabia and the other MB Arab cronies play in the heinous 9/11 terror..!!???



Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich countries spend billions of dollars every year to penetrate the American and European societies in order to spread Islam, develop home-grown terrorists and create an Islamic lobby of influential media and congress members that can silence criticism and even defend Islamic terror crimes and Islamic oppression of Arab peoples. Saudi Arabia in particular spends lavishly in U.S presidential and congress elections to promote sympathizers.


Mr. President Barak Hussein Obama,



We strongly deplore the alliance of your administration with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Organization and your support of its manipulative scheme to rob the Egyptian regime, probably the Syrian one too, as did happen in Tunisia and Libya.


We request Your Honor, the US government and honest Americans to stop cooperating with the MB. They direct and finance global terrorism. They are the murderers of Americans, Egyptians, etc. They burned Coptic churches, houses and businesses. They plan to ignite a civil war between Muslim and Coptic sects in Egypt. They conspire to impose the primitive, inhumane Sharia tyranny on Egypt now, and spread it later to more regions.



Please accept our deep appreciation to Your Honor and the American people.




Dr. Seti Shenouda Guendi,


Egyptian human rights activist,

Researcher of political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood

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