Scholarship Grants Available for Egyptians to Study in US from Coptic Assembly. 

We are posting this information so that Egyptians, and especially Copts, know what opportunities are available for study in the US.

The US Department of State’s official scholarship exchange programs are administered through the Fulbright Commission.

The Fulbright Commission provides grants for graduate students, scholars, professionals, teachers, and administrators from the U.S. and other countries.  Funding is provided through appropriations by the US Congress and by participating foreign governments.  None of this money is specifically earmarked for a particular country; grants given in any year depend on the individual applicants.  

Countries like Egypt that have a designated, ongoing binational exchange program with the Fulbright Commission also provide monetary support.  In 2005, the Egyptian government contributed $601,650 to the Fulbright Commission, with another $56,207 coming from private direct financial and in-kind support.

The Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt was established in 1949 and it is the oldest and largest Fulbright Commission in the Arab World.  Over 5,000 scholars have participated, and over 2,000 grants have been given.  The Commission’s mandate is to cultivate mutual understanding by nourishing mutual educational exchange.  Fulbright Commissions are authorized to develop grant packages for grantees from their countries, and these packages vary depending on the participant’s time and duration of travel, a pre-departure orientation, the applicable university’s own package, and cost of living in that city.

There are four types of student grants, four types of scholar grants, and four types of professional programs available for Egyptians.  The types of grants or programs are dependant on area of study, experience, and expertise; and eligibility and program benefits vary with each option.

The four types of student grants are for students who want to pursue:

  1. Bachelors or masters degrees in fine arts
  2. Foreign language teaching (student would teach Arabic while taking English)
  3. Science or technology PhD degrees
  4. Associates degrees at US community colleges

 The Community college program is the newest grant available to Egyptians; the program was announced by the US Department of State in December of 2006.  This program will bring 1,000 Egyptians to the US for a year of vocational and technical studies, and it is designed so that students will be able to return to Egypt and immediately enter the workforce.  In the second year of the program, 25 spots will be available for Egyptian junior faculty and vocational school administrators to travel to the US and gain institutional capacity building skills.  All participants of this program will receive training in the English language.

The four types of scholar grants are for faculty members and academic professionals who have already completed a bachelor’s degree or higher:

  1. Fulbright Scholar program provides long-term (usually 1 year or more) opportunities for faculty members to teach in the US.
  2. Visiting Scholar program provides short-term (usually 1 semester) opportunities for lecturers and other scholars
  3. Scholar-in-Residence program provides for lecture opportunities at American universities, but also has a focus on fostering international exchange programs
  4. New Century Scholar program gives the participant the opportunity to meet with other international scholars for a series of seminars on topic of expertise

The four types of professional program grants are as follows:

  1. Hubert H. Humphrey program is a 10-month non-degree program available for professionals in various fields.
  2. American Political Science Association Fellowship program allows scholars and professionals to study the US Congress.
  3. International Educators program is a one-semester program for teachers
  4. Study of US Institutions program is aimed at professionals who want a deeper understanding of American society and culture.


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