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19th April 2013   

Protest against the destruction of Egypt civil structuresAnd it’s replacement by Muslim brotherhood  

Ever since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power through their representative Mr Mursi on 30/06/13, they have done nothing but try to increase their power through undermining and destroying Egypt government and society civil structures.

They brutally oppressed the opposition infiltrated the police and tried to destroy the judiciary and the media to replace them with their symathisers. The constitution which was produced by a majority of them is a shameful document that didn’t address the aspirations of the Egyptian people. 

During the 5/12/2012 protests against President Mursi, police stood idly by as 49 protesters were illegally detained and tortured By Mursi’s supporters, as the MB’s leader called for more illegal arrests via Muslim Brotherhood’s media sources. 

During Mursi’s rule approximately 60 protesters have been killed and thousands injured by the police force during the breaking up of protests. Police have reportedly used rubber and iron shot shell pellets against protesters. No one was tried from either the police force or Morsi’s militias.

Approximately 20 funded and organised mob sex attacks on female protesters were carried during the anti government demonstrations from n20/11/2012 to 01/12/2012. The prime minister’s response to these attacks was say that protesters were responsible for protecting themselves. 19 cases more cases government funded mob sex attacks on female protesters during the anniversary of the 25th January revolution.

There have been tens of cases brought against popular media personalities for insulting the presidency. The presidency has been responsible for a number of these. Several media personalities, including journalists, cartoonists etc have also received death threats, many were killed in suspicious circumstance and their post-mortem reports were modified under pressure from government authorities.


Judges who are not sympathisers to the Muslims Brotherhood were targeted for ill treatment and hardship even termination of their posts.

The police who arrived 1.5 hours late stood idly by as attacks on a Coptic funeral of 4 Copts, killed in sectarian violence on 07/04/2013, resulted in 2 dead and 79 injured. The police responded by firing tear gas at the funeral procession. The official state media falsely blamed all the violence on the mourners accusing them of initiating the attacks, a charge they later retracted after the public outcry.


Egypt is being hijacked by the fascist Muslim Brotherhood. We are protesting what is happening to Egypt. We are alerting the West to the dangers of the reincarnation of new Nazis in Egypt.

We asking the Western gogernments to stop supporting the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt and help the rebirth of a new Egypt that is diverse, tolerant, progressive and accept people of different beliefs that can co-exist in harmony.United Kingdom Organisations

UK Copts                    United Copts GB              United Action for Egyptian Christians


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