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The First Conference for the Middle East

Minorities Working Group

Takes off from Zurich

24-25 March 2007  

The Coptic Organisation for Human Rights (Copts-United) Zurich, is embracing the First Conference for the Middle East Minorities Working Group which will take off from Zurich 24-25 March 2007. 

Conference participants represent most Middle East Minorities, ethnic, religious, linguistic, or denominational.

Thinkers, politicians and Human Rights activists from Middle East and Diaspora will attend. The conference will discuss the current situation of the Minorities, ways of strengthening the ties and co-operation between them, to stop the injustice inflicted upon them.

The conference aims at achieving minority’s rights through citizenship, national integration, political justice, pluralism, and National fraternity. 

The conference will devote part of the discussions to the dangers of theocracy, rise of terrorism towards secular states and minorities in the Middle East. 

Journalists and Media are welcomed to cover the conference. Please contact the Media Officer for the conference, Mr Medhat Kelada 

Tel. 41 44 383 05 47
Fax 41 44 383 50 50
Mobile 41 78 875 57
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Eng. Adly Abadir Youssef President of the Copts-United 

Dr Shaker El-Nabolsi Conference Chairman

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