Muslim Brotherhood WIN "Egypt Will Remain an Islamic State"

Assad Elepty

"Islam is the Religion of the State. Arabic is its official language,

and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia)."

The Constitutional Reform Committee hastily slapped together by the Egyptian Army has finalized its recommended amendments to the constitution and will present them to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

The committee has amended eight articles from the 1971 constitution, including reducing the presidential term from six to four years. The committee, headed by Tarek El-Bishry, former first deputy of the Council of State, was appointed by Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, head of the Armed Forces, to amend the Constitution before the presidential elections.


'Brothers' in Egypt Present Two Faces


The Muslim Brotherhood, the outlawed Egyptian Islamist opposition group is plagued by rifts between young and old, reformist and hard-liner, and between big city deal-making politicians, and conservative rural preachers. Charles Levinson explains.

CAIRO—Moaz Abdel Karim, an affable 29-year-old who was among a handful of young activists who plotted the recent protests here, is the newest face of the Muslim Brotherhood. His political views on women's rights, religious freedom and political pluralism mesh with Western democratic values. He is focused on the fight for democracy and human rights in Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood ensured the Fall of Mubarak.

Assad Elepty


Frontline report on the Muslim Brotherhood and the Revolution:

Contrary to the misleading and offensive rhetoric given in speeches by members of Sydney’s Muslim community,(during a rally held near the Lakemba Mosque on 31 January 20011), the fall of Mubarak was not as a result of western influence, or that “the US or Britain dropped g their “Arab Puppet”.

Video of the event:

The British Intelligence: The Egyptian Interior exploded the church

By Assad Elepty

Editor's Note: My Arabic-speaking friend did this translation for me after alerting me to this information as Google Translate is so weak with Arabic. My friend is trustworthy.

Article exposing the Egyptian Government as being behind the terrorist atrocities against Coptic Christians. Translated from the Original Arabic. | 7 February 2011:

A British diplomat revealed before the Chambers of the French Palace, Elysee, the reason for the insistence of England to demand the departure of the Egyptian President and his team, especially the Ministry of Interior, which was administered by the Minister Habib Al-Adli, the reason is that British intelligence confirmed, from audio and paper Egyptian official documents , that the sacked Egyptian Interior Minister Habib Al-Adli had formed six years ago, a special body run by 22 officers, and consists of some members of Islamic groups, which spent years in the prisons of the Interior ministry, number of drug dealers, teams of security companies, and number of registered risk of ex-offenders, who were divided into groups according to geographical regions and political affiliation, this body is able to be a comprehensive sabotage all over Egypt in case the regime is subjected to any threat.

WORLD Magazine - Today's News | Christian Views 

'Tis the season

Christmas marked new kinds of attacks against believers from North Africa to the Middle East

Jamie Dean



Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images
For some Egyptian Christians, a new reality grips their weekly routines: "Before we go to church we have to kiss our families goodbye, because we may never see them again.

The bombing marked the worst violence against Egyptian Christians in a decade, and signaled a dramatic turn for the oppressed minority in the Islamic country: Instead of discrimination, drive-by shootings, and smaller-scale violence that Christians have faced in the past, this attack brought a stunning introduction to full-blown terrorism.

The west must be wary of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

The Brotherhood's aim is to take over the Egyptian state through the democratic process – and then bring an end to democracy

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is playing a canny political game – and its objective – let no one doubt this – is to take power.

Opinion polls over the past decade have awarded the Brotherhood the support of between 30% and 60% of the populace, and it is the best organised and most powerful political party in the country. But while many of its supporters are taking part in the street demonstrations sweeping Egypt's cities, the organisation has kept a deliberately low profile. The Brotherhood has not published its calculations, but one may assume they include a desire to avoid the mass arrest by the security services of its leadership cadres and a clash with the army, whose general staff – like Iran's in 1978-79 – fear and detest the Islamists.

Esam El-Erian talk to Michael Slackman, New York Times: we do NOT beleive in Democracy 

Islamic revolutions in Egypt and Turkey

by Orhan Kemal Cengiz

04 February 2011, Friday

Yesterday I quoted John F. Kennedy’s famous words, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable,” and I claimed that if there is a “radical Islamic” takeover in Egypt, the West is to blame for this because they have supported and turned a blind eye to an extremely repressive and brutal regime that has the potential to turn any opposition into a “radical” movement. The course of events has not yet been completed in Egypt.

My Beloved Copts Please Take It Easy.

Think carefully before we all fall in the hands of the ISLAMISTS IN EGYPT

Assad Elepty

Fathers and Brethren

The “Australian Newspaper” was very shrewd in discovering that the destructive rebels of Tahrir Square managed to displace the true Egyptian youth from the Square to replace them with thugs made of an amalgam of Afghanis, Palestinians from Hamas and elements of the Moslem Brotherhood as well as many dangerous and vicious ex prisoners who were released from prisons to join in destroying Egypt.

(1)   Egyptians were puzzled about the elements who attempted to destroy the Egyptian and the Coptic Museums? Were these really Egyptians?

(2)   Egyptians could not believe that fair dinkum Egyptians would burn down a caner hospital in Cairo, while all its patients from the children could not escape?

Why the Egyptian Revolution Can Be the Best - or Worst - Thing to Happen

by Raymond Ibrahim
National Review Online: The Corner


Muslim Brotherhood Call on their supporters to Join Protests

"Anger Friday"

After three days of mass protests, countless injured and at least 7 dead, Hosni Mubarak remains defiant.

Everyday Egyptians defied Mubarak’s ban on protests only to be met with a ferocious and brutal response.
Protestors in retaliation have resorted to anarchy, and set fire to the NDP headquarters.

In a game changer, the muslim brotherhood have now thrown their hat into the ring. The have called upon their supporters to take to the streets following friday prayers 11.30 - 12.30 Friday 28 January.
Friday has been labelled "anger friday" It is expected friday will see protests on a scale never seen before in egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood whilst banned, are the biggest opposition group in egypt, with grass root support in the millions.


Bewitched Animals and the Muslim Media

by Raymond Ibrahim


Because conspiracy theories emanating from the Muslim world are nothing new—a decade ago, Israel was accused of perpetrating the strikes of 9/11, today it is accused of perpetrating the bombings of a Coptic church—they tend to be dismissed in the West.

The Ossification of Egypt

Jonathan Schanzer

After decades of looking to Egypt to provide stability in the Middle East, Washington finds Cairo contending with an increasingly dangerous combination of ossified leadership, Islamist violence, and disaffected minorities. From the New Year’s Eve suicide bombing at a Coptic church in Alexandria to the recent shooting of a Copt on a train in the south, Egypt is witnessing an alarming rise in violence against minorities. Depending on how much goes wrong, 2011 could be a bumpy ride.

Fox News - Fair & Balanced
Christian 'Genocide' In The Mideast
Christians have been getting pushed out of the Middle East for some time now, but the attacks on them have recently become particularly ferocious.

It's enough to look at the bombing at a Coptic church in Alexandria, Egypt, on New Year's Day that left 23 dead, or the brutal siege on St. George Chaldean Church, a Catholic church in Baghdad that killed more than 50.

"If you look at the technical definition of what genocide is, it is the attempt to annihilate a particular group because of their ethnicity or their religion," says David Alton a Catholic member of Britain's House of Lords. "And certainly that is what is happening to many of the ancient churches of the Middle East."

Egyptian regime fears mass protests

By Johannes Stern.

Discussion on the recent events in Tunisia can be heard in the streets of the Egyptian capital Cairo. In the course of demonstrations against the dictatorship of Ben Ali dozens of predominately young Tunisians have been killed by the Tunisian police and army. Anger over the brutality of the Ben Ali regime is widespread in the Egyptian capital.

Middle East Christians have a role in nation building

By: Ghassan Michel Rubeiz


Facing threats, Christians in the Middle East need not run for cover abroad. They are at home. They are not suffering alone. The poor is the largest minority in Arab society.

News of “Muslim terror” against churches and Christians are bound to give the distorted impression that religious persecution in Arab countries is widespread and systematic. Despite rising incidents of politically-motivated attacks on the Christians of Egypt and Iraq, inter-communal relations in the rest of the region have not changed radically.

Baroness Cox statement to Copts at demonstartion 15th Jan 2011.


I am here today to show my concern and solidarity with you, my dear Egyptian friends: my sympathy for you in your suffering and my concern that you are given the justice you deserve.

Here today, we remember how the year 2010 began with tragedy for your people.

 الى مريم - - كلنا ار هابيون

دلع المفتي
إلى مريم..
ومريم لمن لا يعرفها، هي صبية اسكندرانية ودّعت عام 2010 وهي تدعو الله أن
يقف بجانبها ويساعدها، لكن قبل دقائق من بداية العام الجديد تحوّلت هي
واختها وأمها وخالتها، إلى أشلاء على يد أعداء الله والانسانية.




By Mounir Bishay

As they are accustomed, the congregation of the SAINTS Church in Alexandria, Egypt, came to their church to bid the past year farewell and to welcome in 2011. It is an occasion when they prefer to be in God’s House and in God’s presence.

World Politics Review 

Can Christianity Survive in the Middle East?

Frida Ghitis, World Politics Review

The holiday season has now ended, but not without leaving behind a trail of devastation and a rising sense of anguish among Christian communities in the Middle East. A series of deadly assaults and ominous threats—most dramatically the New Year's church massacre in Alexandria, Egypt, and a threat from al-Qaida in Iraq to "open the doors of destruction and rivers of blood" upon Christians—have raised fears that Christianity may not survive in the region of its birth. The depth of the anxiety comes through in the words of Lebanon's former-President Amin Gemayel, who declared, "What is happening to Christians is genocide."

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